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PHX Velocity 2 - Toro, Flat Black, XS PHX Velocity 2 - Toro, Flat Black, XS

PHX Velocity 2 - Toro, Flat Black, XS

SKU: 50H1021BK-XS
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The PHX Velocity 2 full-faced sports helmet is specially designed to maximize performance at high speeds by minimizing wind resistance while maintaining an optimized airflow to the ventilation system. This is amongst the lightest helmets in its class. Advanced ABS structure, treated hardware and advanced moisture/heat resistant adhesives yield a performance blend of durability and lightweight construction.

This helmet maximizes both comfort and safety. The adjustable interior padding is engineered to minimize shift during riding, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for all riders. Reinforced multi-fabric neck roll provides additional support and improved weather seal for maximum comfort and noise reduction under any conditions. Ultra-soft padded chin strap with heavy-duty snap buckle to ensure maximum comfort, ventilation and uncompromising safety that far exceeds industry standards.

Meets or exceeds DOT standards in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

Interior padding 'jaw liners' are snap-removable and machine washable. 

Phoenix True-Fit helmets offer fully independent Kids, Youth and Adult sizes. 

The included full range high density face shield offered exclusively by Phoenix provides advanced rider safety. All face shields are removable, replaceable and can be upgraded to our tinted, reflective and colored models. Additionally, Phoenix's exclusive 4-point ventilation system provides maximum air transfer and includes built in dust filtering. Each vent can be opened, closed or semi-staged to accommodate all riders, temperatures and riding conditions.